Notice of Trust – The Cawkwell Family Trust

Notice of Trust

The Cawkwell Family Trust

To whom it may concern
This notice is set-out for the purpose of gleaning all public notices and deeds in relation to the privately held Express Trust ‘
The Cawkwell Family Trust’.

The Trust:

The Trust was originally granted, declared, expressed verbally on the 20th September 2009. The purpose was placing all assets, rights, titles and interests of the settlors into private trust so that the Trustees can distribute the benefits of the ‘Trust Property’ to the Beneficiaries in keeping with all of the provisions and conditions contained within the Declaration of Trust.

The Settlors declare that The Trust operates in accordance with natural law and sentient conscience and therefore exists without the United Kingdom and is foreign to the United Kingdom Corporation; The Trust is not to be construed under any statutory or common law rulings, but rather under Ecclesiastical and Exclusive Equity. The Trust, therefore, is a private Trust under the exclusive and inherent Jurisdiction of Equity [Earl of Oxford’s case (1615) 1 Ch Rep 1].

Public Notice:

Notice of Interest and Intent was given online at on 10th May 2010.

Notice of Assignment and Statement of Interest was given online at on 13th May 2010.

The Settlors confirm by this Notice, that the Trust Property, the Trust Declaration and all legal and equitable interests and titles to the Trust Property, have been transferred to the trustees of the Trust [Paul v Paul (1882) 20 Ch D 742].

Rules of Certainty:

Certainty of Intent: It is evident by way of the Deed, the ‘Special Deed of Trust’ (a summary of the Trust Declaration) that the Settlor’s Mark John Cawkwell & Amanda Caroline Cawkwell sentient living beings, intended to create a Trust for the purposes as defined in the privately held Trust Declaration. [Paul versus Constance 1976] [Jones versus Lock 1865] [Re Kayford Ltd (in liquidation) 1975].

Certainty of Subject Matter: The Trust is created for the special purpose and use of a trust deposit; the property being defined in the ‘001002 Specific Cawkwell Asset List.xls’ created by the Settlors, where all rights, interests, legal and equitable titles are claimed by the Settlors and then transferred by the Settlors to the Trust [Milroy v Lord 1862] [London Wine Company (shippers Limited 1986)].

Certainty of Objects: The parties to the Trust are certain and are clearly defined on the ‘Special Deed of Trust’ a summary of the Trust Declaration.

The Rules of Certainly as defined herein this Notice are based on the authority of Alastair Hudson’s book ‘Equity and Trusts’ 7th Edition. Hudson is a Professor of Equity and Law at Queen Mary University, London. The said Rules of Certainty are also found to be precedent in the case of Knight .v. Knight 1840.

DECLARED AT: City of Newport, 9th January 2020

SIGNED: M Cawkwell

DATE: 9th January 2020

Before me: W. Nigel P Vaughan

Notary Public: W. Nigel P Vaughan, Notary Public, England, Wales