Our Services

Our assistance is through lawful intervention methods that are protective of your human and lawful rights. Here are some of our services:

Debt Services & Resolution

Cymru CT will intervene on your behalf to ensure that any debt that you have is legitimate.

Legal Services

Our advisors can assist you to complete court forms, and accompany you to court when required.


We can intervene when unlawful fines and claims are made against you.


We can assist you in any wrong-doing against you or your beneficiaries, including discrimination, consumer issues and criminal matters.

Health Freedom Issues

We can interveneto protect your right to body autonomy, ensuring your freedom of choice of treatment, protection, diagnostic procedures and medication.

Here are some ways in which we have helped beneficiaries over the years:

  • Intervening with banks, lenders, debt collectors and bailiffs/enforcement agents
  • Drafting legal letters and Notices
  • Helping beneficiaries draft court forms for issues in UK jurisdiction
  • Getting compensation for discrimination of people exempt from face coverings
  • Intervening against government entities such as the NHS, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, HMRC, DWP
  • Defending in cases of Covid lockdown fines for beneficiaries
  • Intervening for beneficiaries regarding Vaccines that are deemed mandatory by employers and establishments

Costs of Services

Subscription: Joining the Cymru Community Trust is free, we charge the following for our services should you need our trustees to intervene on your issues:

Simple Matters: such as parking / speeding fines are charged at £25 per letter.

Debts (credit cards/loans, etc): 10% of outstanding balance paid at £36 per month

Other more complex matters: £36 per month until resolved

For any other service please ask for a quotation.